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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Images from tumblr.

- September has already started. Cant really believe we are three quarters of the way through the year already! But i have to admit that autumn is one of my favourite seasons. Yes the rain and cold can get annoying, but it gives an excuse for duvet days, moving watching and wrapping up in big knits and to wear tights again. Above are just few images for inspiration.

- I have had a mixed bag this week. I had a couple of pretty low days but today has been lovely. I played cricket for my womens team against a visually impaired mens team. It was such a different game to normal cricket, but some of the men were amazing, especially the fully blind ones! We play with a football with bells in the middle and have big wickets and lots of other rules. But the weather was perfect and everyone playing really enjoyed themselves.

- Tomorrow i am taking a trip to ikea with my mum to start picking up some bits i might need for university. I move out in less than two weeks so really need to start packing and sorting through my stuff. I also only have 3 shifts left at work, going to miss both the money and the people there.


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