Bonfire night outfit

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Halloween and bonfire night are definitely two of my favourite times of the year (after christmas of course!) I love the traditions behind them and getting together with friends and family to dress up or go and watch the local fireworks. I am going to a bonfire in the park on monday night and cannot wait. There is a fairground in the evening followed by a big bonfire and fireworks! I was putting together a quick selection of items that i would wear. It usually gets freezing cold and i love to be wrapped up cosy and warm so a good scarf, gloves and thick coat are essential. And the fact these gloves are just pretty cool..

Tomorrow i am hoping to bake some parkin, which no one seems to have heard of at uni!? Will have to see if this new oven is up to standards. If all goes well there should be a blog post up on it :)


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