Red with gold glitter

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Red + glitter

Quick snap of my nails from this week :) These colours are just christmas all wrapped up in one! I used Eyekos 'Saucy Polish' as the base and then an Accessorize glitter over the top. I sponged the painted a thick line at the bottom of each nail, and then spread it up using a small piece of make up sponge to get a slight gradient effect. Got a whole wheel of christmas nails coming up soon! What are your holiday nails like?

Also this week i finished my first semester at uni! I cant believe it has gone so quickly really but i am looking forward to getting home and being able to spend the whole of christmas with my family. I do still have a lot of hard work to do as well though to prepare for the exams i have in mid january.


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