B is for Barry M

Monday, 18 October 2010

Ok so i admit i have just followed the crowds. But you cant resist a new nail polish like this! Especially after seeing that it actually work on other peoples blogs. Yes, its Barry M Instant Nail Effect. I applied a base coat of Rimmel silver, which i have had for a while and rarely used, rather than my previous purple since that was too dark to show through.

I then put a layer of Barry M Instant Nail Effects over the top which cracks as it dries to give this great effect. This is the final effect:

I definitely recommend buying this! I want to layer it over so many colours at the moment. And Barry M have a 2 for £5 offer on in Boots now so you can buy 2 more cheaply just in case it runs out. Happy times. I also realised whilst taking the photos that for the past 2 months my camera has been on a sunset mode! No wonder it hasnt always been focusing properly.
Today i also bought the shorts which i have been lusting over for a while. They only had one 8 left in store and the button at the front had come off so i will have to sew that back on. But then my sister has said she will take a few photos. First outfit photos i guess. That post should be up in a few days or as soon as i have a few spare moments to do it all.

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