Thursday, 21 October 2010

Okay so i changed my mind about the shorts, returned them, and bought a dress instead. Peter pan collar rose print dress from TS. I am actually in love with it!

So i know its not an outfit post.. buts its better than nothing. I will get round to an outfit post im just a bit rubbish. And very busy. Whilst i was out i also bought a birrrrd ring from primark. I am starting to become a bit of a hoarder of rings but that cant be a bad thing, right?

The picture is really lousy just like all my others. I could really do with some sort of class to learn how to take photos properly, lighting an all that. But hey, we cant have everything. So this is only £2 from primark and is a double ring. The one that goes round my finger is quite tight and will probably end up making my finger go green if i wear it all day. So i'll avoid that. Finally i got round to buying a new eyeliner, well two infact. I lost mine a bit ago and have only just got round to buying a new one. Im not great with make-up and dont wear a lot but i love to define my eyes. I bought 'Flash Eyeliner' from Rimmel which looked great, and even better on. I also quickly picked up a Natural Collection 'Eye Lines' so i can carry that around and it doesnt matter if i loose it.

- I am going away this half term to the Isle of Wight w/ my boyfriend and his family. Really looking forward to it and hoping the weather turns out nice. I still need to pack which i should be doing right now to be honest. I also have to do a few things before i leave: 1. put in my order for asos before the discount code runs out 2. photograph and write up some items for ebay (ipod nano and speakers if anyone is interested?) 3. do some blog posts to schedule for whilst im away. Im really falling behind with ideas. My blog seems to be stuck in a rut and im trying to get out whilst still being me. What do people want to read? Want to see? Maybe if i know that people enjoy reading it i can find writing it a bit easier. I envy bloggers that make it seem so easy.


  1. I love that dress, the print is gorgeous. I think my favourite things are outfit posts as I love to see how people style things.

  2. love the collar of the dress and that ring is so whimsical

  3. oh that dress is gorge!
    keep my eyes peeled for that one and i adore the ring.


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