It reminds me of a fairground.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I clearly wasnt very happy with my face. Easy option, cut it out. I bought this skirt yesterday in the topshop sale for £10. I think its navy, although it doesnt show very well in the pictures. Im really not sure what to wear with navy cause black really just doesnt go. To me i am reminded of a carousel when i see it cause it comes out quite a way, it may means its hard to dress for the daytime. But on the plus side: its lovely, a bargain and i need more skirts. Thoughts?


  1. I like it - all the best clothes from Toppers are the ones you get in the sale! I would wear it exactly as you are now - well probably a tee as i dont own much strappy ones, I can imagine with like a band tee and over that a denim jacket? xoxo

  2. It looks fine with the pink tank, you could also team it up with a black belt too x

  3. That skirt looks lovely !!
    I think it will look great with any sort of white top!!


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