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Friday, 15 June 2012

Awkward video time. I really want to find out how to edit videos (any good suggestions?) cause some bits in here need cutting out cause i sound like an idiot! But here it is anyway, because it really is much easy to video what i got rather than take photos of everything.

Links to all items: maxi dress, leather bag (sold out), turquoise sandals, black sandals, boat shoes, pink shorts, lilac shorts, ankle socks, floral bandeau, floppy hat (not online)

Hope you like this haha. I do actually quite like watching videos of the blogs i read because people never sound like i expect them too! I have 4 more exams left now, except two are general studies so dont really count.. This weekend though we have a cousin staying over from australia which will be nice. I have only ever met him once when we went to australia when i was 12 so i dont have a clue what he is like! Also looking forward to the football tonight, come on england. Just wish this weather would clear up and give us some sun! And thank you for all your lovely comments on my latest posts, really makes my day :)



  1. nice buys! you look very pretty <3

  2. I love your accent! That bandeau is super cute :D x

    1. Thanks! I think i sound a bit like a man haha x

  3. Aw I love the video, I really want to go ahead and film one now! I've tried before but it's so awkward :( plus I also don't know how to edit. It's such a pain taking pictures when you've bought so much though I agree. Haha I always make up my own interpretation of people's voice as well and it's always wrong, I just always imagine people with posh voices. I sound like a man though too hahah!

  4. Cute haul, I love your accent.
    Your charity finds were awsome (:


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