Sunday, 27 February 2011

So there you go, things i have bought lately.
Skirt - £4 - Charity shop
Tunic - £44 - American Apparel
Shirt - £30 - Topshop
Dress - £14 - Portobello Market
Velvet dress - £5 - Primark
Blouse - £28 - Zara
Belt - £1 - Primark

Personally i quite like seeing what other people have bought. I tend to like the pieces and then go out and buy them, an excuse to buy more clothes.
You know what really annoys me with blogger though? The way they do photos. They are so hard to arrange! So apologies for the random arrangement of the above photos. Au revoir.


  1. That velvet dress is pretty cool! xx

  2. really love the second dress and the shirt below. good buys! xx

  3. lovely buys! the primark belt looks lush. may have to look out for that! xo

  4. OMG THAT BELT! so pretty :)

  5. Love the belt :) !
    Cute blog .. visit me back? xxx

  6. love both these dresses, the velvet one is awesome! blogger really is annoying when it comes to arranging photos, I still haven't figured out how to get photos side-by-side on blogger so I end up creating collages and then using photobucket

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  7. These are all such super lovely pieces!


  8. i adore the pleated skirt you picked up, it's lovely! xx


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