autumn/winter 2010

Monday, 30 August 2010

1. Rectangle Face Watch from Urban Outfitters £16- 2. Knitted Cable Jumper from Topshop £48- 3. Berry Tights from Topshop £8- 4.Sheepskin Flying Jacket from Topshop £58- 5. Leopard Skinny Belt from Miss Selfridge £8- 6. Heeled Brogues from Office £62- 7. Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots from Asos £45- 8. Over The Knee Socks from Asos £4- 9. Wine Red Nail Polish from Marks And Spencer £2.50- 10. Leather School Satchel from Topshop £55- 11. Lace Up Heeled Clogs from Asos £70- 12. Leopard Fur Collar Car Coat from Topshop £85.

Okay, so I know its still August but I really love the autumn/winter collections that have come out! I've been inspired loads by the blogs i read so thank you. The colours are very neutral and quite dark but i would love to add some colours on my lips and nails, at the moment i love the deep wine colours that are available. So this knitted jumper from topshop is so adorable. The only problem is i'm not sure how i could wear it, having the same problem with the shearling jacket. I mean they look great but i really dont know if it would go with my clothes. The more sensible option would be the Leopard Fur Collar Car Coat, i mean i have a black coat quite like this but the shaping is different, and it doesnt have the leopard print collar! I really love leopard print - on bags, belts, coats, scarves, shoes - anything. Hence the belt i've put into my wishlist. Found this as a cheaper alternative to the one at Urban Outfitters but i'm sure if i looked there would be one at primark or in a charity store. I only want it to be cheap since i'll probably look back and go 'eurgghh leopard print!' Down to shoes. I really need some heels in my life. Its shocking. I'm a sixteen year old girl and i dont own a pair of heels. My mum has always been against them since they 'ruin your feet' and also i think its because i am tall already so dont want to be any taller. But this season i dont think i can go by without a pair of heels. Tried on the heeled brogues in Office so many times and every time i've told myself i'd buy them next time and never have. I've absolutely fallen in love with the heeled clogs from Asos and as soon as i get a bit more money i am having them in my life! I can even wear them with the over the knee socks, win!
My only problem is what normal clothes to buy to go with all this, eg. tops, blouses, shorts, trousers, skirts? I have a few pairs of tailored trousers in but for like the past year i have lived in skinny jeans which i really need to get out of. Need something more feminine yet still warm for the winter. Going to wait a few more days before i buy anything because i will then have my student discount card. How exciting.

and life goes on

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Was a busy day on Friday which is why i didnt post. Me and my brother had a little outing into town. I needed to pick up a few things - like a diary for school, some new pencils and pens - just the basics. And some Rimmel Lasting Finish in perfect plum which i've had my eye on for a while. I also dragged him into a few charity shops. Found some bargains! A big furry coat for only £3. It is a bit on the big side but you can't go wrong for that amount of money. Also discovered some tailored pants with a sweatpant waist which were orignally from Zara, they were only £4.55. I'll get some pictures up asap but i dont really have any good settings which isn't helpful.
We took a trip to the park after. They have boats, a little steam train, a playground and a little paddling pool. What more could you want! I beat him easily at football too.

This was in the cafe with a chocolate brownie and a can of Coca Cola.

Today was also my first session of pilates. I feel that i just dont exercise enough! I mean i tried the gym but just wasn't motivated enough. I thought that if i had a session to go to it would mean i definately go. Not only will it improve my fitness but also my flexibility. I swear i am the least flexible person in the world (i can't even though my toes!) To round up the day i went to watch a football match with my dad. Oh the joys of watching your team lose, yet again. But it makes good time to see my dad which is always lovely.

This evening i've pulled boxes of old photos out of the loft which i have been meaning to do for ages. I told myself that i was going to make my dad an album for his 50th birthday. Some of the photos are great! And i also got quite inspired by some of my mums old clothes. Definately have to root around in the back of her wardrobe since there was an amazing polka-dot dress in the photos from the 80's.

beg my pardon

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Oh and i forgot to say thank you to my two followers. It got me all excited since i never expected anyone to really see this. Many thanks.


01. I start a new sixth form college next week so i need to get everything prepared. A million and one forms to fill in! But i also need to sort my clothes - major crisis. Cause i dont wear uniform this year i really need to buy some new clothes but im running low on money.

02. Which brings me to GETTING A JOB! In the summer i score for the cricket team but i get nothing in the winter. I rely on christmas and pocket money which is never enough. Hopefully there will be more vacancies once all the uni students go back, fingers crossed. Any tips on getting jobs would be useful.

03. Another job is to sort this laptop out. Had it for 4 years and it is so slow! Really want an apple macbook but they're expensive so it looks like i'll just have to get this one repaired. Im sure if i smile nicely at my mum she'll take it down for me.

04. I need to save some money. I have my sights set on a nice new camera. A big one so that i can take some great photos (for the blog of course). Oh and my straighteners blew up which isnt very helpful! Having to borrow my sisters at the moment.

So after i've got a new job, earned lots of money, bought some new straighteners, repaired my laptop and bought a new camera AND some new clothes, i'll have nothing left. Simple. Christmas is going to be a fun time for those receiving my presents.

an evening of cricket

Something you probably didnt know about me, seeing as this blog has only been going two days, is that i am a keen cricket enthusiast. I am part of a small club, work down there on weekends and play for the womens team. Admittedly i'm not that good but i really enjoy it. Played a game tonight - i wont bore you with all the details - but we lost. However travelling inot the high hills of Queensbury wasnt a waste since we saw this magnificent sunset.

The quality isnt that good but i only have a small digital Nikon Coolpix S3000 to take my pictures on. I really did love the way that it came down right behind the wind turbines though, magical!

ps. i would have posted this last night except im having computer problems, may need to take it somewhere to be fixed if it doesnt speed up!


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Okay, so i already wrote this post, then i went to edit my first one and it went above this one on my blog which annoyed me. I guess im a bit of a perfectionist. Anyway. I copied all this text, went to delete the post and then paste it into a new post except i couldnt work out how to delete the post. Hence i have a blank post from yesterday. And in all the confusion i forgot to create a new post to copy my text into so ive lost all the text i wrote! So i'm starting again:
I've decided to personalise the blog a little and sign off each post with a 'signature' which ive created. I took several fonts off and used them to write my name. I had a bit of trouble since i had to download winzip to unzip all the files the fonts came with. I also had to follow several steps to make them show up on microsoft word. It finally worked and ive printscreened the signatures into so i can make them into an image to share. Dont know which one to choose though? Also I would really love to be able to edit my name header because the text at the moment is so boring! I'm sure i'll work it out at some point.

well here goes.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I was inspired to start blogging by looking at other peoples. They are all so creative and have such a unique style. I was hoping to develop something like the ones i have seen, i've never been so much the creative person even though i would have liked to. I would love to develop a style, vintage and unique yet mainly bought on the high street.
I currently live in a little town called Brighouse in West Yorkshire with my family. The town is only small itself but is close enough to Leeds and Huddersfield to find plenty of places to shop and go out to.
Just moving from high school to a sixth form college at the moment. Hoping this college will give me new experiences, meet new people and a chance to reinvent myself in some ways.
I have a passion for photography although i am no good at it. Need to buy a proper camera since i only have a small digital one at the moment and have to keep borrowing my mums. I also need to find a good setting for photos, my room has too much on the walls to find a good background for photographs.

Hopefully i'll keep this up. I'm learning all the time.