Golden tooth

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sorry this post has taken so long to get up, but a big thank you Shabna whose giveaway this is from! I got from her a gorgeous topshop lipstick and gold tooth bracelet.

The colour probably isnt one that i would wear everyday, it has quite an orangey tone to it, but it would be lovely with a black outfit for a meal/night out. I like the consistency of it, but it did seem to dry my lips out a little so some lip balm over the top was needed. Not sure if all topshop lipsticks are like this? The bracelet has been on my wrist nearly everyday lately. I have had loads of compliments on it too. It is just the kind of things i love to wear! You should definitely all go check out her blog, its a great read.

I might be hit and miss with posting over the next few months with exams coming up (arent we all). But i hope to try get some outfit posts in soon, if this rain ever clears! You can keep up-to-date on my twitter. I have also created a 'blog button'. I want to redesign it, maybe with an illustration which better represents my blog, but its a start. Let me know if any of you put it up on your blog! The link is underneath.

On another note i have finally firmed Manchester as my top uni and got Liverpool down as my insurance. Its all so real now.



Monday, 23 April 2012

Just a quick post today, got a lot of work to get done for college and all my upcoming exams. My nails, before i did the daisy ones featured in my last post, were pacman inspired. This was actually my boyfriends idea and i absolutely love it.
The photo isnt very good. It was taken in poor lighting before i had to take all the nail varnish off for work, but you get the idea of the design. It is basically a little scene from pacman. The black backgroud is models own (although i think i need to buy a non shiny black because this one doesnt really go) and then the yellow is the nail art pen. The peachy ghost is done by painting my nail in peach first and going round it with a black nail art pen. Thanks to my sister for helping me with this one.

A big hello to any new people reading my posts, hope your all enjoy what i write, i really do love writing on here. Thank you for any comments you leave as well. They always make my day!


Daisies and blazers

Saturday, 21 April 2012

I havent blogged since tuesday, thats ages ago! Ive not done anything particular this week, but have been busy running around and doing little bits here and there. Got an outfit post for you today. The sun cam out for a bit and so far it hasnt rained, fingers crossed it stays like that. So i took the chance to get a few snaps (all taken by my lovely brother).

Blazer - river island, jeans - cheap monday, top - topshop, vans - office

I have such a grumpy face in some of these photos, the sun was so bright and in my eyes! But i love the colours in this outfit. I bought these jeans well over a year ago and havent really got much wear out of them. But lately i find they fit with what i wear a lot more and look pretty cute rolled up with my vans. This top is really easy to pair with just about anything and i find myself wearing it quite a lot over leggings.
I have also done my nails again, inspired by Gem's blog.

I decided to go for a shiny background (topshop - cosmic karma) so that they weren't too plain and then used models own nail art pen for the yellow and a kirby grip and models own snow white for the petals.

This week we have also booked our family holiday! I am really excited and just cant wait for summer. Both mine and my sisters boyfriends are coming with us too and we are going to a villa in the south of portugal. 
If anyone has a lomograpgy camera i would love some tips. I am thinking of buying a diana f+ mini but know nothing really about film or processing.. So any help would be great :) 


Style: Gillian Zinser

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I am a massive fan of 90210 and the people on there really are gorgeous! But Gillian, who plays Ivy on the show, has an amazing style. So i thought i would share a few outfits with you. *photo heavy*

These photos go back to 2010 and are all from events she has been at. The first and last are my favourite. She has a seemingly effortless style and looks good in anything! A lace bralet with a brightly patterned maxi skirt and some statement jewellery would be a look i would love to recreate. If only the british weather would pick up a bit and give us some sun! I am also in love with her hair. Soft beach style waves are the perfect so for summer. What do you think of her style?


Tutorial: Triangle Nails

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Thought i would create a little tutorial for you all just to show you how i did the triangle nails from my video. Again, this is not my idea, i was inspired by Erin. But here is how i did it:

1. Choose the colours you want the triangles.
L-R: Fuzzy Peach, Pastel Polish, Lilac Dream, Not a clue, Grace Green

2. Paint your desired colour onto cellotape. I used the little dispenser because it made it a lot easier to paint onto the tape, but make sure you let if dry before moving it along.

3. Wait till they are all fully dry and then cut the individual colours of tape out.

4. Cut 2 triangles from each colour, using the straight edge as the bottom of the triangle.

5. Stick these onto your nails and then cover in 2-3 coats of clear nail varnish to seal it on. The more layers the better because the corners do have a tendency to come up.

This is how mine turned out.

Sorry the lighting isnt great on the photos, i should have done it in daylight rather than with the flash! Hope this helps you to see the steps of how they are done. Link me below if you have a go :) i have a few other nail art ideas that i really want to try out that i have seen on peoples blogs. The only problem i have is that i have to take my nail varnish off for work so i never get to keep it on for long.

I also want to say a massive hello to any new followers! The amount of traffic i have had lately has been pretty amazing so thank you. If you link your blogs when you comment i'll make sure i check them out!


One lucky girl

Saturday, 14 April 2012

I entered Vickys giveaway last month which was for a piece of 'Wired Jewellery'. I loved every piece that she was giving away so entered once on each item! And i won one! I got really excited when she tweeted me to tell me i had won. I absolutely adore wired jewellerys online shop and have come so close to buying there several time. I really want to get my hands on one of their sideways cross bracelets. But from the giveaway i won this amazing copper triangle necklace.

Its a shame the matching earrings have sold out because they would look amazing together! Its a really simple piece but i love plain shapes like this. I am even thinking of getting a tattoo of something this simple.. On top of all this i also won Shabna's giveaway! The little items are on their way to me and i couldnt be more over the moon. Ive been wanting to try a topshop lipstick for a while but havent had the heart to splash out on one yet, cant wait to try this one, will do a little review.

I am back to college on monday, *rushes to finish a pile of work due in* but have really enjoyed my easter holidays. Life really is great at the moment. Off to go eat the rest of my chocolate whilst watching saturday night tv.


Haul video

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

H&M: maxi dress, £9.99 - playsuit, £14.99 - lace top, £6.99 - vest top, £3.99
Primark: dress with cut out top in black and yellow, £6 each
Miss Selfridge: lilac skinny jeans, £36
Boots: models own in Lemon Meringue, £5 - garnier hand cream, £1.99 - lip balm, 90p each

Okay so i sound pretty strange! But her is my first video. I filmed it using photobooth on my macbook and the quality isnt too bad. I only did one take because the lighting was getting bad, and i havent edited it (because i dont have a clue how to), so hope you guys like it. I made it because its an easy way to show you what i bought today, otherwise it might be a while before i get them into outfit posts. If anyone has any video making tips they would be really useful!

I also showed you my nails, will get a tutorial post of those up soon. But they really are so simple to do. My inspiration came from Erin for the diy nail stickers and they really are such a great idea. Might have a go at a few other shapes soon too. On the theme of nails, does anyone know where i can get hold of the topshop nail art pens that came out at the end of last year? They dont seem to stock them instore or online anymore..


April Update

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hello macbook photo of my non makeuped face.

01. Thought i would do a quick update cause i havent been around for a while. On my easter holidays and have been taking advantage of the time off so have been pretty busy. Also havent had much to blog about so didnt want to bore everyone!

02. I saw the hunger games last week at the cinema with my boyfriend, and loved it! Although it was as captivating as the book it definitely captured everything the book got across and all the actors and actresses played their parts really well. I was surprised with who they casted for Cinna but Lenny Kravitz got the emotion across really well. I know its been out a while, but anyone else love the film?

03. I also got my ear pierced last week. The top of my right ear :) been meaning to do it for while and decided to do it now after i have given blood so that i can still give blood again in 4 months. There is a picture up over on my twitter.

04. Easter weekend has been great too. Its a time when i get to see all my family at little get togethers. We went for a meal in sheffield with all my mums family on saturday afternoon which had some gorgeous food.

And then on easter sunday we were very lucky to have the 'easter bunny' come round ;) So i got lots of chocolates to eat! We also have a tradition in our house of egg rolling. I thought this was a fairly normal thing but noone else seems to do it! We hard boil eggs, decorate them and then go roll them down a hill. The aim is to get yours the furthest without smashing them. 

I was eating an innocent veg pot - they are so yummy!

Quite a few pictures there. I lost cause mine was the fist egg to break, but its a really fun thing to do, and it gets quite competitive in our family HA.

05. On sunday i made a cake with my boyfriend, although he claims he made most of it! I forgot to take a picture (which is probably not a bad thing because it fell to pieces!) But it tasted really nice. It was a victoria sponge with coconut butter cream icing and jam filling, with strawberries on top :)

Hope everyone has had a lovely easter weekend and eaten loaads of chocolate. I have the rest of the week off before i am back to college so i hope to get some revision done, but also do a bit of shopping. Got quite a list together at the moment.